Installation gRSShopper on Reclaim

Installation gRSShopper on Reclaim

My way to the installation of gRSShopper on Reclaim Hosting

There is a Tutorial for this on youtube by Stephen Downes with 1h04min playtime. I describe my steps by using his video — but with hyperlinks and screenshots — to give you a walkthrough:


Sign up for hosting

First of all i sign up for the cheapest hosting (which is called “shared” and “personal”) for 30$ at

and i have give my domain a name — in this example “

before i complete the order, there is the possibility to enter a promotional code:

quick google-search took me to the site of Chris Snider where i found a still working 10% code “sniderclass” and reduced the price to 27$.
At the actual exchange rate that’s 24,61€ on my PayPal-receipt:

Create a Subdomain

After i log in i have to navigate in the Client Area to the “cpanel”:

In the cpanel i create and name a Subdomain:

in my example “

Create MySQL Database

Back to the cpanel i navigate to “MySQL Databases”:

and create a new Database — in my example “myfirstdatabase”

Now i have to add a new User with a new generated password and add this user to the Database — in my example “myfirstdatabase_databaseuser

Now i give this user all privileges and make the changes:

in the Tutorial-Video Stephen Downes says now in minute 19 “believe it or not, that’s the hard part” 😉 but it’s getting a little harder:

Set up Database

In my cpanel I click on “phpMyAdmin” to set up the Database:

I click on my database — im my example reclaimmydomain_myfirstdatabaseand on “Import” to browse and upload from the Folder: gRSSShopper-master/sql/gRSShopper-ple.sql

phpMyAdmin — import sql

Install gRSShopper

Download gRSShopper from github

I navigate to, download the ZIP and extract it to my harddrive into the folder “gRSShopper-master”

Upload gRSShopper to my Domain

For uploading Stephen Downes shows how to use the File-Manager manually (which permits to drag&drop folders) or a software for FTP-Upload called WinSCP (which only works on Windows). I prefer the use of the FileZillaClient which you can download for all plattforms here.

With FileZilla and my FTP-User und FTP-Password I connect to the FTP-Server — in my example “” and navigate to the folder for my Subdomain — in my example “

now I can upload all files and subfolders of “gRSShopper-master/cgi-bin” to “” just with 1 drag&drop.

After that I change the attributes of all *.cgi-files in the /cgi-bin folder from 644 to 755 (and I think, THAT’S the hardest part):

Now I upload all files and subfolders of “gRSShopper-master/assets” to “


Now i can run a first test if everything is working by navigating to my subdomain: (of course you have to fill in here your own names 😉 and indeed! it looks like this:


On “” the Database Information can be set up. I fill in the Dabatase Information from the previous setup, Site Information can be created new, and a Site Administrator Username and Passwort has to be chosen:

I click on “multisite” and finally I’m set and done:

and now I can Login and configure gRSShopper
To open the PLE, navigate to “

Add New Cron Job

back in your cpanel I click on “Cron Jobs” in the Advanced Tab:

Here the settings are “* * * * *” and the Command is:
/ wwwwww / >/dev/null 2>&1
The “wwwwww” stands for the password I set up to initialize the Database.

Cleaning up

Finally I have to delete the file